Gas Find IR Cameras for Petrochemicals & Refineries

Equipment failure in petrochemical industries & refineries can lead to serious consequences & large scale production loss. The best way to minimize such potential injury or lost profits is to use thermography technique.

For all refineries it is mandatory to adopt techniques that can ensure high results while also being safe for the business as well as for the environment. The best way to ensure such safe production is to use the GasFindIR thermal cameras that have exclusively been developed in coordination with the American Petroleum Institute (API) & various oil industries. These infrared thermal cameras are capable of detecting dangerous & costly oil & gas leaks.

Owing to the accuracy, reliability, non-invasive & non-contact functionality of thermal cameras, these have become a vital diagnostic tool for most petrochemical industries & oil/gas companies. Thermography can in fact be regarded as a proactive means of detecting sources of volatile organic compounds leakages & repairing these sources before they can turn into costly & dangerous expenses. With the help of advanced VOC detection cameras you can not only increase productivity but also enhance on-site safety.

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Advantages of Thermography
Search Thermography in India
Search Thermography in India
  • Reduction of production losses due to unplanned
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Increased equipment life
  • Increased Mean-Time-Between-Failures (MTBF)
  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Condition monitoring
  • Medical imaging
  • Research
  • Process control
  • Non destructive testing